At first glance the device appears to be nothing more than an external battery pack. There are 4 LED indicators on the face labeled with symbols: Battery, R/W, Wi-Fi (indicates the hotspot is active) and finally the Internet light which denotes when the device is connected to another network which is providing access to the internet (so you still get your emails while you’re connected to the hub)

Aside from feeling a little cheap because the outside is made out of plastic, it’s a pretty nice feeling little device.

The device has an internal 3,000 mAh battery to power the device which can double as an emergency charger for your phone.


The web interface for the file server is great, like a simple version of what you might expect from logging into any Wi-Fi router. All of the options you would expect, even options to upgrade and backup the firmware on the device. You can explore the connected storage devices from the web interface as well.

On the phone side, there’s an app in the Play Store: RAV FileHub, which is basically just a file explorer but can also control most of the same options the web interface can. It took 5 minutes to pull a 1 GB file down from the connected USB drive to my phone and about 10 minutes to push the same file back. The device will not connect to N wireless, but it seems to work just fine on 2.4 GHz.


This is one of those great little devices that you may not think you’re going to need, but when you need it, it’s a life-saver. This was the perfect way to back up the photos and filed I’d accumulated on the device I’ve been reviewing for transfer back to my daily driver. And it makes a much quicker job our of it than the alternative, which would be uploading to a cloud storage service like Drive or Dropbox.

With only $44.99 on the tag, (down from $79.99) this device is a worthy buy for the times it comes in handy, it’s worth its weight in gold.

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