HTC’s Goal: Reaching The Top With Android

Peter Chou, HTC’s CEO, recently revealed his intention to get the Asian mobile manufacturer into the top five mobile handset manufacturers. To play it safe, he didn’t give an actual deadline for this goal. HTC, already part of the top ten, wants to go further. Whose place would they bump from the top 5 – Motorola? Sony Ericsson?

HTC is curently selling about 15 millions handsets. To reach the top five and push out Motorola they must increase their shipping six fold!

It shouldn’t be too difficult for the HTC Diamond’s manufacturer to reach this goal. With the help of the next launch of the first Android Handset, HTC DREAM, they surely are capable of this. Their recent products have been selling quite well, and once Android streets, their brand awareness should skyrocket.

Source: TechRadar

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  1. Contrary to what everyone with this site believe…the common man doesn’t know that android is a advanced mobile OS & will be debuting with HTC Dream.
    It is only in the tech blogs that the buzz is. Just making Dream, a phone you would kill for isn’t enough. They should market it well. Therein lies the success of their company. iPhone’s success was not just interface. It was also clever marketing. iPhone was demoed well 6 months in advance of the actual launch to let the hype build up. HTC should show off atleast basic smartphone functions with actual Dream, without letting out too much. It is just 2-3 months for the launch. The android enthusiasts deserve to get atleast a glimpse so that they start creating buzz (awareness) among the general public.

    What if Dream debuts & nobody notices a thing…..Imagine!

  2. Stupid marketing. Apple gave the world a free lesson on how to build up *public* hype, and yet HTC and Google fail to learn it.

    I understand HTC’s stance. This behavior is typical with Asian markets where this is a tech savvy majority. Maybe the comparison with Asian vs American computer games is the same. Asian companies don’t need to hype up a product in their own market. They don’t know how to do it because the never needed to.

  3. @TareX, HTC’s main market is not America, because we are well known as people who don’t spend money on good phones.
    I just came back from Singapore, and you won’t believe this, people there are actually laughing at us. They are using high-tech phones that we don’t even have. People are using video calling everywhere to do their business. I can literally see my partner’s warehouse from his cellphone, and do the inventory check from it. Unbelievable. It’s like watching those Bourne movies all over again.

    Those Asian countries don’t need hype, they need the best phones. Unlike us, we use ugly blackberries our companies give us, and we are settled with those. Those guys feel ashamed carrying ugly phones, they like to show off their latest high-tech phones. I saw unlocked iPhones at stores there, I asked my partner why I don’t see people using iphone, the answer is ‘it’s pretty but stupid’

  4. @ Toy

    Reminded me of a comment I read somewhere.

    ” iPhone is like a pretty girl without brains; great for a date but not to share your life with.” ;)

  5. Vodafone & Airtel are introducing iPhone in India on august 22. They are not subsidizing it (This business model doesn’t work in India). But yet they are locked to their respective networks. And the price??? Hold your breath! Rs 31000 (USD 720) for 8GB & Rs 36000 (USD 840) for 16GB !!!!

    As an android fan I couldn’t be more happy!! Not many Indians can afford it & they also know they can get more features at less than half the price from a Nokia phone. iPhone will never be adopted largely in India.

    That’s one less hurdle for HTC & leaves a huge market up for grabs. I also believe ChinaMobile’s hesitation in introducing iPhone in China is the price point. It’s just not worth for a feature poor phone, no matter how cool it is. I hope HTC captures these untapped markets & Dream’s price point doesn’t disappoint. I expect it at $500 for unlocked version initially, & then drop a $100 after a few months. Isn’t that reasonable?

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