Reader Fan Art – G2 Mockup is a True Dream

We love it when we get stuff like this in our mailbox!  One of our faithful readers spent some serious time in Photoshop creating a G2 mockup that needs to be shared with everyone.

Taking the basic design of the G1, we are treated to a truly beautiful rendering of a phone that could sell in ridiculous amounts.  Look for changes in screen size, resolution, and desktop icons. It was pretty subtle, but we noticed a front camera a la the Sony Experia X1 in there too.

So what do you guys think?  Would you carry something like this?

Here’s a second picture that shows how the swipe looks.

UPDATE #2: Check out a pair of images showing the backside of the phone as well scale for touch.  Someone get Tarex a job doing Photoshop work!

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  1. Uh… it looks like it was made by someone who hasn’t actually used the G1 (or even an iPhone). There is a reason why both of them only have 4 icons across and 5 down the home screen — any more than that and it becomes very hard to accurately press the icons. And the list of things with the little magnifying glass and x buttons? The only way you could ever manipulate those is with the trackball.

  2. Well the number and orientation of icons on the screen is TOTALLY up to the user. I just wanted to demonstrate how beautiful they’d look like on a hi-res screen :) You can have only ONE icon, you can have 3, 4 5 icons on the width of the screen. It’s ANDROID.

    The point here was the hardware update allowing for much more possibilities, while retaining the basic Google looks and feel.

  3. More or less true, Armytank. Considering how different the iPhone 3G looks like compared to the original iPhone (they didn’t even change the resolution), the proposed G2 design is a massive aesthetic leap. One that the G1could definitely use, IMO.

  4. I don’t know why the whole face (screen+chin) doesn’t slide up in the real phone. That would look much better imho.

  5. WHOA….. did NOT see that coming. GOOD! Maybe it could rise the bar of expectations regarding the coming G2 :)

    About the lack of body, it’s a flush screen. Like the iPhone, there is very little body between the edges and the screen itself. Touch HD has the same concept. It’s about maximum use the phone real estate, and minimizing dead space, which paves the way towards a better overal experience with the touchscreen, as well as the obvious improvement in aesthetics.

    It’s funny I do this stuff all the time, and that’s the first time I share one of my concepts… here’s my Treo 900 concept with the front that slides upwards revealing a qwerty for single hand usage:

    As much as I like vertical sliding screens (single hand usage), I prefer the G1’s horizontal qwerty which is better for games/text/internet…etc

    Add to that a tilting screen, and you got an unbelievable MID+phone.

    But really, didn’t expect phonereviews to pick it up…

  6. Treo looks good – shame Palm don’t have anything like that, at least at the moment. I think that the G1 is going to be an interesting item – it took me a few goes on the emulator to notice the subtly shifting wallpaper when swiping across the home screens. One question, TareX, where did the weather icon come from – gives it a touch of the HTC family look.

  7. I googled for it. You’ll find it if u looked for “weather widgets” on Google’s image search.

    It does look magnificent. If I had more time, I would have done 3 screens. One with the RSS feed, the other with weather and a facebook widgets, and the last one with the Stocks widget…. and at the same time giving the impression of more space.

  8. I got a funny coment. Im on my g1 by the way!!! Are they going to be able to name it the g2. isnt the gatorade already named that??????

  9. TareX, really appreciate your interest on cutting edge pda phones. over here in West Africa, very few people have interest about what’s coming on the mobile world that would change the entire notion of phone experience. i do hope the G2 heads on4real.

  10. Instead of realeasing an upgraded phone right away. I suspect google is going to keep making softwafe updates. I’m on my g1 now. And I think all it needs is a zoom button.

  11. Sure they won’t release a G2 while the weak G1 still holds. It would take almost 6 months for the G1 to really appear aged. After that, not releasing a hi-res Tegra device would be suicide.

  12. It’s hard to know where the manufacturers go from here. Yes, Android needs a high end device, but it also needs to deliver the low cost items as well (I suspect LG will target this market sector). I know that a few sites are rather excited at the thought of Touch HD, but in terms of power holds little advantage over the G1 (more memory, but possibly less devoted to video playback – identical processor) besides its large screen.

    Giving T-Mobile an exclusive handset is one thing, giving them a period exclusivity with Android as a whole is questionable. Right now, it is unclear whether all Android handsets will have to have the same UI, or whether there will be variations between the manufacturers. Without a real roadmap for Android (in the public domain), we are all in the dark. MWC next year will be interesting.

  13. I would buy a G2 as long as there is the horizontal keyboard, if it only has a touch screen the G2 will be ruined. interested to see if they go with oled =).

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