Reader Fan Art – G2 Mockup is a True Dream

News and Rumors Reader Fan Art - G2 Mockup is a True Dream

We love it when we get stuff like this in our mailbox!  One of our faithful readers spent some serious time in Photoshop creating a G2 mockup that needs to be shared with everyone.

Taking the basic design of the G1, we are treated to a truly beautiful rendering of a phone that could sell in ridiculous amounts.  Look for changes in screen size, resolution, and desktop icons. It was pretty subtle, but we noticed a front camera a la the Sony Experia X1 in there too.

So what do you guys think?  Would you carry something like this?

Here’s a second picture that shows how the swipe looks.

UPDATE #2: Check out a pair of images showing the backside of the phone as well scale for touch.  Someone get Tarex a job doing Photoshop work!