Red-Light District Goes Green

android_kandiIt was inevitable, wasn’t it?

Whether you embrace it or abhor it’s impossible to ignore the fact that porn is everywhere. Now, thanks to a new app store, the Android community has a red-light district.

When you consider the recent popularity of certain adult themed apps in the “real” app store like Fake Call Girl and the plethora of apps displaying women in various states of undress, a store dedicated to the industry is not unexpected–it does reek of desperation however. Not desperation on the part of the developer, but on the part of the consumer who frequents the shop.

I have long worked to avoid the “back when I was your age” stories when talking to my kids. Those tales of lore are better left for the really old, not a man in the prime of life like me! However, when it comes to the topic of pornography, a look back is helpful.  When I grew up porn was the Sears catalog. Specifically, the women’s under garment section. If we were lucky, my friends and I would find a tattered and torn page ripped from a recent Playboy magazine.

“Is that her arm or…?”

“I don’t know exactly but she kinda looks hot huh?”

Today porn is as prevalent as news that another high-paid athlete cheated on his wife.  Times have changed. Is that good, bad? Is it indifferent? Those are questions best answered personally and ones I will not attempt to address in this article.

If you enjoy porn, which is every persons’ right, then you have never been happier with so many options to choose from. If you don’t, then it’s not all that hard to ignore it. I am concerned however about the delivery method of this new app store.

Isn’t there a problem when someone needs the rush of a porn-buzz on a 1.99″ x 2.77″ screen? I believe there is. When you can’t wait until you get home to watch the latest release by Debbie DooMeh then, you my friend, might have a problem.  I’m curious to see how well the new app store does. Will anyone admit to stopping by for a visit? Will AndroidGuys review it? Would my wife believe me when I told her I had that app only for research purposes?  Will you do a Google search to find the app which I forgot to name in this article?

Love it or leave it, porn has gone Android.

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