Redesigned Gmail app with “SmartLabels” said to launch Wednesday (tomorrow)

Screenshots of a redesigned Gmail (Android) app were recently leaked, and thanks to ryan_socio of The Verge, as well as an anonymous tipster, we have confirmation that the rumors are in fact true.

The new updated Gmail features are simple, but will generate quite the impact. The Android version of the update shows a slide-out navigation drawer and top-only action bar, just like what we saw at Google I/O. Gmail will also apply profile pictures in front of every email (so make sure your picture is worthy of everyone’s eyes.) The interface reportedly has five new tabs called “SmartLabels” – Primary, Social, Promotions, Updates, and Forums – in which incoming email will automatically be sorted. A feature users have been patiently waiting for.

The tipster claims these images are from a draft of an official Gmail Blog post, which will be published this Wednesday at 4 PM GMT. So hold on tight, as we only have to wait until tomorrow to see if these images are really legit, or just a rendition of what users are longing for.




Source: Android Police

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