Returning a phone to T-Mobile? This simple tip could save you a lot of time!


Have you recently purchased a device from T-Mobile that you’re looking to return? Well, T-Mobile has some requirements to take the phone back. Most of the requirements are common sense. It must be in good working order without damage, and you have to have the original box and everything inside of it. It has to be in the two week (14 days) return period.

They also ask you to have the original receipt, but I’ve had success without it. The good people there have been able to pull up my order and print another copy of the receipt for me. Not the biggest deal in the world, but if you’re walking into a store with a long line, they may not want to take out the time to perform this special step for you.

If you follow these simple steps, there’s a $50 restocking fee to return the device. If you paid anything out of pocket at the time of purchase, the $50 will be deducted from your refund. If you didn’t pay anything up front, like on a Jump on Demand lease, you’ll owe that $50. Tablets will get hit with a $75 restocking fee instead of the $50 fee on phones, so keep that in mind if you’ve picked up a cellular enabled tablet from T-Mobile.


Now, here’s where some may run into a problem. If you’re like me and have multiple devices on multiple lines, you HAVE to have the sim card for the line you’re returning a phone on. Here’s an example:

I recently picked up an LG V10 after Josh Noriega’s excellent review of the device. I definitely wanted to play with it for a few weeks and experience listening to HiFi music through Tidal with it. I’m not quite an audiophile, but I do appreciate high quality audio and the dedicated HiFi DAC in the V10 was a major selling point.

I have Jump on Demand set up on my wife’s line since at the time of purchase I was leasing an iPhone on my line. When I went to return the V10 today, in which I met all requirements I talked about above, I was asked for the sim card for the line so they could verify the return.

I’m not going to lie, I was a bit floored. No one has ever mentioned that I would need the sim card for that line. The T-Mobile employee at time of purchase went out of his way to let me know that if I returned the phone, which I had mentioned I might, that I’d need the box, accessories and the receipt. Nowhere on T-Mobile’s own “Return Policy” website does it state this.


As a logical person, I can understand why this sim card policy isn’t the first thing they tell me when I get ready to leave the store with my phone. It’s going to be a very rare case, but this is listed NOWHERE. T-Mobile is very aware that there of those of us that swap phones a lot which is why they have the Jump on Demand program. Letting us in on this apparently brand new requirement, especially when things are explicitly laid out like they were in my situation, isn’t the craziest of ideas.

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