It is often said that more memory space on a phone is unnecessary with the advancements in cloud storage. People have gone as far as saying that on-board memory and physical storage devices (like flash drives) are archaic and have no place in the modern world.

While it does seem that cloud storage is the way of the future, there are those who are worried about the security of their data. On top of that, there is also those who are worried about the reliability of that data. What happens if they lose internet connection? Are they stuck in a state of limbo until they are reconnected to internet?

ReVault has started an IndieGogo campaign with a solution.


[blockquote author=”Elia Mörling – ReVault Marketing “]ReVault is the world’s first wearable private cloud that allows you to securely access and sync all your files across all your devices without an internet connection. It’s time to reclaim your data![/blockquote]

Their aim is to provide secure cloud storage that is only accessible by you.For $169, you can order a 32 GB ReVault, or you can spend an extra $100 for a 128 GB version.

With ReVault, you get more a little more than just personal storage, it is also a watch with customization watchfaces for a little extra personalization.



The ReVault is designed to store files locally and securely like a standard USB flash drive, but it also provides automatic backup and file sync along with media streaming, two factor authentication, encryption, notifications and a custom API that can be tapped into.

The device has companion apps for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux devices. Everything can be accessed through WiFi direct and Bluetooth in order to offer offline access.

It has a unique design that allows it to be worn as a watch, necklace or even pocket accessory. It includes a colored display protected by Gorilla Glass 3 and water resistance.


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  1. Cloud storage will never replace onboard storage until there is ultra-low cost unlimited and super fast mobile internet access. Right now, you have to pay through your nose for something that does that or you are limited by a low monthly data cap or speeds.

    • That is what the ReVault is trying to solve. Cloud storage without having to worry about data or storage costs. The one time payment will get you either 32 GB or 126 GB of storage that can be accessed by any of your devices offline. It is a cloud that doesn’t require internet access.

  2. Thanks for writing about ReVault! I think you hit the head on the nail. People either want ReVault for security and/or performance reasons. I personally love the web – who doesn’t – but on-the-go it can actually be a terrible experience. Sitting on a train right now and it’s really annoying the way the connection goes up and down.

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