Rhetorical Questions: Android Apps

It’s Monday again which means it’s time to settle back into our work-week routines.  If you’re like us, this means you’re checking the new and notable app announcements, hitting up the Android Market and other sources, and paying close attention to Android games and apps.  We’ve come up with a number of random-yet-related questions that pertain to Android applications and games that we felt like asking out loud.  Of course, these don’t have a simple yes or no answer and some of them could merit a nice lengthy post of their own… but that’s what makes them so fun to ask!

Feel free to weigh in on one or more of the questions below:

  • Are you using the Amazon Appstore for anything but the free app of the day?
  • In a related note, when is the last time you used GetJar?
  • And the time before Cut the Rope?
  • If you’re not using it, then how is it that GetJar is so big anyway?
  • Do you really play that much Angry Birds?
  • How long can Rovio ride the magic?
  • Will they come up with a second act?
  • What’s the one app you’re always showing off?
  • Admit it, you always have an app that’s better than the one your friend showed you.
  • Do you secretly wish that your Android apps were “prettier” than they are?
  • What will be the first runaway Android hit that will be ported to iOS?
  • Don’t you get tired of it being the other way around?
  • Why aren’t you spending more on apps?
  • Are you that good at tuning out in-app advertising?
  • Really, EA?  Do you seriously need to display that many ads in Scrabble?

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