Rhetorical Questions

rhetoricalsI’ve been thinking a lot about Android lately.  Imagine that!  As I go back and look through some of the things that have happened over the last year, there are a lot of unanswered questions that come to mind.

Here’s a handful of questions that I’ve been kicking around my head for a while.  Some of them have definite answers, others could probably be debated endlessly.  I’ve assembled 10 of them for your reading pleasure.  Be sure to add your 2¢ in the comments below!

  1. Why haven’t we seen anything at all from Motorola in regards to their social networking handset?
  2. Speaking of, will the handset have virtual buttons that change according to your app – like the Moto ROKR?
  3. Why does the king of all search engines have such a second rate search tool for the Android Market?
  4. How many people really know what Cupcake is and why they want it?
  5. Who is spending money in the Android Market?
  6. How many more trade shows (MWC, CTIA, CES) will Android not show up to?
  7. Who wants live folders/widgets as bad as I do on their phone?
  8. Anyone else finding their G1 more useful by the day?
  9. Has anyone figured out what eBay brings to the Open Handset Alliance yet? Live widget at some point?
  10. Where in the world is the 2nd Android Developers Challenge?

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