[dropcaps]For all that has changed for us as a civilization, from having super fast automobiles to very intelligent computers, one thing stands out the most, our means of communication. It was not so long ago that we were astounded by the fact that we could actually talk to someone across the street using nothing but a machine, let alone send a video and speak to them almost face to face. Yes, it truly is a great time to be alive (if you like technology and stuff). Well, there really can be too much of a good thing though, as  you cannot log into any app store without seeing a plethora of messaging apps that all do very similar things, in different ways. So it can be hard to find the dimaong among the coals. Well, thankfully for all of us, I specialize in finding diamonds in piles of rocks. (Sometimes I even find two diamonds!) Today we are taking a look at the Rounds messaging app to see if it should be your next app download.[/dropcaps]


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Starting with the design, Rounds keeps a very minimalistic approach. When you frist download the app, you are greeted with some colorful graphics and prompt you to log in to your Facebook to get started. Once that process is complete, you are taken to another page where you are asked to add your friends to your Rounds contacts list. What ultimately ends up happening, since they would have to be using the Rounds app to be able to use it, is that Rounds will send out a mass message to all of your Facebook friends asking them to download the app. Since you all have to be using the app to make calls and send messages to ane another. All of which are free.

After you finish doing that, there really is nothing left to do but start making calls. There is a menu on-screen button on the upper left-hand corner that hold are the available actions for the app. On it you will find your friends contact list, so you can make private video calls, the option to make a group video call, send messages, find more friends and the advanced settings menu. All of wich preceded by a colorful menu button on an overall blackish gray background. Not the pretties app, but it gets the job


After you finish setting things up, you are ready to make your frist phone call. I sent a request to one of my friends and asked to download the app. After they finished yelling at me for always asking them to download stuff, I was ready to show him my always happy mug over our smartphones. We made a call using the app, and everything went without a hitch. There were a few moments where things appeared to lag a bit, but it could have been the fact that he does not have good reception in his area. I was able to hear him perfectly over the other line and the image quality was great. We both have flagships devices though, so you may see image degradation if the front facing camera on your smartphone is not able to capture HD quality video.  Some of the things that make using the ORunds apps such an interesting experience are all of the video effects that you can use when making video calls. Not something that I personally would find myself using a lot, but they do make for some fun times.

After we finished our video chat, we used the text messaging system included in the Rounds apps. Messages were sent of quikcly, with no issues. THere are some stickers that come with the text messaging part of Rounds, but other than that, it functions like any other messaging service.

Final Thoughts

Rounds is a good app for those that are always looking to try new things. It does what other messaging services do, with some added functionality thrown in the mix. If you are already in love with an app, there is little reason for you to switch over. For those of you that have been using the stock messaging services that come with your smartphones and are looking to expand on that a bit though, Rounds is a great app that should definitely be on your top priority list to try out.

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