Rumor: 2GHz HTC “Sabor” to Arrive with Gingerbread Late 2010 [UPDATE]

I love juicy rumors like these.  According to Oxford-Zeiss Content & Research Guide (OZCARGuide), HTC is working on a 2GHz “Sabor” device for Sprint, expected later this year or early next year.  Not only that, but the handset maker is developing their own screen technology said to rival Samsung’s AMOLED displays.

“The upcoming HTC smartphone destined for Sprint packs a 2GHz processor, over 1000 resolution display, Android OS 2.5 (gingerbread), 2 cameras with one being a 10-megapixel, 1080p video recording and built-in kickstand.”

The “over 1000” display would match up to yesterday’s rumor of 1280×760, said to a minimal requirement for Gingerbread.  The 2.5 listed here conflicts with the 3.0 we’ve heard matched up to the codename, but we can always worry about that later.  For now, let’s just drool over 10 megapixel cameras and 1080p recording.

If you didn’t check your calendar yet today, I’ll break the good news to you.  We just started the second half of the year.  Things could definitely heat up quickly.

Source: DroidDog

UPDATE: Here’s a fantastic breakdown as to why this rumor could be completely off-base.  It’s certainly with your time if you’d like to see the other side of the coin.  As pointed out by a reader of ours, Kenny, DroidDog has since taken their article down.  Something smells fishy.