Rumor: Samsung Behold II to Recieve Android 1.6 Beginning June 28th

The word around the campfire today is that the Samsung Behold II handset from T-Mobile will be seeing an update on June 28th.  Sadly, this will be the only bump the phone ever receives as it’s just not capable of 2.0 or higher.  We never did learn how many Behold II units were sold over the last few months but I get the sense that it’s a disappointment all around.  The cube design turned me off the second I learned it couldn’t be customized. I mean, how terrible is it that most phones are jumping to 2.1 this summer and the Behold II is taking baby steps?

Are any of you guys out there using a Behold II at this time?  Does Android 1.6 appeal to you at all or are you looking to replace the phone already?

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