Rumors spreading of Lenovo and HTC acquisition

With rumors going around of HTC looking at dual-booting Android / Windows devices, the company is now spinning around the rumor mill for a different reason. According to the Korean publication eToday, the Taiwanese manufacturer may be in talks with Lenovo about an acquisition. According to the source, HTC and Lenovo have been meeting in secret since late August over Lenovo’s purported plans to take over the HTC brand, just like they did with the ThinkPad brand when they ran through the IBM purchase of the brand. With numbers in these types of deals always on the move, it’s hard to say where the purchase price might be sitting, but rumors have this acquisition set for the first half of next year.

Lenovo, without a doubt, is a big name in manufacturing, especially overseas. Do you think this kind of acquisition could help pull HTC out of their slump? Let us know in the comments.

via androidbeat

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