We have sleep monitors that we wear around our wrist, forehead or chest. They have the ability to measure our quality of sleep and generate reports for us when we awaken.

Samsung on the other hand, has the SLEEPsense sleep sensor they just announced at IFA. It is a small and flat sensor you place under your mattress to track sleep, movement and sleep patterns.

Where the SLEEPsense goes one step further is having the ability to control other devices around the home through the “Internet of Things(IoT).” As a refresher, the IoT are objects like air conditioners, refrigerators, and other physical devices that are connected to a network and can be controlled through sensors and commands.

This is super cool because not only can SLEEPsense monitor your sleep, but it can help you stay asleep by turning on your air conditioner if it decides the house is too hot for optimal sleeping conditions. It can also turn off your TV if it senses that you have dozed off so that the noise and light doesn’t wake you up later in the night. Now if it could get your neighbor’s dog to shut up I bet everyone would buy one. Nonetheless, controlling your devices around the home to help you stay asleep is quite an accomplishment.

The Samsung SLEEPsense has also been approved by the FDA for tracking vital signs and they have built in heart rate monitoring and breathing rates. I could see scenarios where this would be great for monitoring babies for SIDS or people with diseases such as emphysema, or sleep apnea.

According to Sammyhub the SLEEPsense will be released to South Korea first with other countries to follow. I would the US would be on the list since it was approved by the FDA.






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