Samsung China CEO hints at Galaxy S III, to be launched by April?

As we await the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III announcement, Young-Ha has taken the stage at Beijing. The main purpose of his appearance was to inform the press about Samsung’s strategies. But Samsung China’s President also gave us a bit of light about the Galaxy S III arrival, mentioning that it could be launched as soon as April.

Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S III have been constantly rising, especially the past couple weeks. Many seem to be fake, especially some of the leaked images (the most credible one leaked a few days ago). But among wireless charging, LTE-compatible Exynos chips, and other rumors, this brings a little light to the Android community. The reason being that it comes straight from a Samsung executive.

The time frame is not exact. Young-Ha explains that the plan has been to announce the flagship device sometime in May, but it would be preferable to make the jump during April, if possible. This means that delays are still possible, as the Korean manufacturer is flexible about the debut.

Samsung has plans to release the device globally shortly after the announcement. Such news makes a May or June announcement more believable. With a few leaks here and there, and a bit of luck, we just might see the Galaxy S III next month. Stay tuned to AndroidGuys for all the latest rumors and fanfare on Sammy’s latest flagship device.

So who’s excited to finally see a glimpse of the Galaxy S III? Anyone else think this is just a bunch of smoke and mirrors for a device that might not even exist? Drop a comment below!

Source Hankyung via The Verge