Samsung Galaxy A5, A7 details bubble to surface

A few weeks ago, we reported some details that leaked about the entire Samsung Galaxy A series (A3, A5, A7). Yesterday, some photos of the A3 and A5 leaked. Thanks to SamMobile, we have some new details regarding the A5 and A7.

Originally, it was thought these devices would be released in Q3. Considering we’re now in Q4 and have no official word, we have new information suggesting that the A5 will be released in November, and confirming a price of $400-450. Specs for this include a 5″ screen, a 13 MP camera, a Snapdragon 400, 16 GB of storage, Android 4.4, dual SIM slots, and a 2,330 mAh battery.

SamMobile also says that the A7 is now said to have a Full HD screen rather than just a regular HD screen, and measuring 5.5″.

What do you think of these new devices that are coming?