Note Pro 12.2 Logitech Keyboard Case
Note Pro 12.2 Logitech Keyboard Case

Samsung’s business orientated Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 tablet received its Android 5.0.2 update in mid-July after a long wait to much fanfare. Unfortunately, one major feature has been broken during the update process. Non-Samsung Bluetooth keyboards or mouses are not functioning with the tablet anymore. The main keyboard users are complaining about not working is the Logitech Keyboard Pro case but after personally testing generic brand keyboards and mouses, neither the generic or Logitech brands have been able to function properly after the update. Users of Samsung branded hardware are reporting that they are having no issues using the keyboard or mouse.

The devices are able to pair to the Note Pro 12.2, but upon attempting to operate the hardware, it simply does not function. After reaching out to Samsung, we have not heard back, but Logitech did say that they are aware of the issue and are trying to fix the problem. From their end they are saying that it looks like the driver was not included in the recent update pushed out by Samsung which would mean that Samsung would have to release a patch in order to fix this huge error.

Tech forums are rampant with business users and personal users alike who are upset that their $120+ Logitech keyboard no longer functions with their tablet. This is just one of the many complaints that have risen after the update earlier in July. One must wonder how Samsung missed such an important feature which is critical for its business users for their daily use and what type of priority Samsung is giving to correct the problem.

Do you have a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2? If so what type of problems have you experienced since the update? Does your Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse function? What brand are they? Comment and let us know.

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  1. Logitech keyboard case and Ultrathin mouse not working with the third and last Samsung tablet I ever buy!

  2. I’am using a Bluetooth Samsung S mouse on a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 , Lollipop 5.0.2 and it’s working fine, and Samsung build in key board no problems.

  3. Yes, Logitech and Gigabyte bluetooth mouse both would not work after the update. I finally broke down and bought the Samsung keyboard and mouse … which work. First, it is rediculous that a mistake like this should even happen. Second, it is even more rediculous that a fix wasn’t out within a matter of days. It is going on a month now without a fix. Guess they want to maximize their sales of Samsung keyboards and mice … can’t put that fix out too early.

  4. I’m in the same boat, had my Samsung Logitech combination for a year now, and for the last 2 weeks nothing. I might a well throw my keyboard away, it’s turned into a $120 storage case for my 12.2 Pro.

  5. I was a Samsung fan until my Logitech Note Pro Keyboard case failded. It should be fixed in days after the upgrade.

  6. Samsung products are great but their support and service sucks. My Logitech keyboard pro is now useless since the 12.2 note update was downloaded.

  7. I am a great fan of Samsung Note devices. All the series of Notes stars from Note 2 to 10.1. Last week I bought Samsung Note Pro 12.2. and bought Logitech keyboard. I switched over to android platform from windows and sold my windows laptop. Now I am totally disappointed. Please solve this problem

  8. Very irritated at Samsung over this! Please continue to send complaints to Samsung directly so they understand the scale of this.

  9. Am in the same boat. Very disgusted with Samsung. Last money or good words they get from me if the fix does not show up VERY SOON.

  10. iI am typing this on a Moto BK keyboard UPC X000MDY1RJ which I purchased from Amazon. It is working finewirth the latest Android update.

  11. I’m very diappointed with the non use of my Logitech KB. Which ever company is at fault, need to fix the problem. You both have made your $$$. $$ on these products. Maybe a boycott of your company would motivate the correction of this PROBLEM.

  12. Here it is, August 15, and still no update from Samsung. Biggest software update disaster I’ve seen. Over a month working with a nearly useless device, unless reading FB is considered a productive use. That’s about all I can do without a keyboard and mouse.

  13. I am very unhappy that my tablet does not recognize my Logitech keyboard. After waiting weeks to download the software update, I was shocked that the disruption I attempted to avoid actually happened. How long is it going to take for Samsung to fix this mess? I have all Samsung devices and this is upsetting.

  14. Just wanted to chime in here…. no luck on my end either. Even after the article. Still waiting and still disappointed. I used this as my main driver and now it is all but a brick to me without the Logitech or other generic keyboards I have functioning.

  15. I to have had the DISPLEASURE of having to deal with this lack of competency by Samsung also. Many forums are saying “Just go back to the previous version of Kitkat 4.4”, well I do not want to root my tablet and trip the Knox. I have a 3 year warranty on this product dang-nab-it. So like many others, my tablet just sits on the shelf and collects dust while my warranty depletes daily. I want to also point out that my Samsung Pro 12.2 will not work with my Samsung BT Keyboard also WFT!
    Thanks Samsung for sticking it to your loyal fans…. I have samsung TV’s, Cell Phones, Tablets etc. Get off your butts and send us a fix so we can get back to work more productively.

  16. All. I have good news! They just issued the patch via an update on my 12.2 Note Pro tablet. Since my last post, I visited their chat service on the Samsung website and expressed my displeasure with the service. In the two instances, all the tech could tell me was that they knew about the problem and that an update would be sent out when available. I also sent an e-mail to the CEO of Samsung last Thursday that similarly expressed my displeasure. While I haven’t received a response back from his office, I am pleased to have received the patch. I downloaded it and my tablet works fine so far. My Logitech keyboard and my HP bluetooth mouse work fine.

    Check your updates. Good luck!

  17. I’ve had the last system update last year in August, since then nothing. But nothing at all. I really like my Note Pro 12.2 but I do believe my next tablet won’t be a Samsung one. Definitely not!

  18. I was told by Samsung chat support to do a “hardware reset” on my Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 which was experiencing problems with S-Note bloatware (would pop up “unfortunately S-Note has stopped working” error msg). Now why S-Note would be trying to open on bootup is beyond me, as I have never even clicked the S-Note icon..but that is a different problem. Sooooo…..I did the hard reset and reloaded my normally used apps. It appears that S-Note is now working properly (at least the error msg is not popping up).

    But now, my Samsung Galaxy Pro bluetooth keyboard that I purchased through the Samsung special offer for having bought the tablet has ceased to function. It will NOT pair, no matter what I do. My bluetooth hearing aid pairs and connects just fine…… Any thoughts out there???

  19. My music player is not working at all. always showing stop working after the upgrade. I need help please. fix this

  20. This is exactly the problem i ran into
    i recently bought the mcs foldable keyboard to the tablet. I can pair the device but i cant write with it. Really annoying because I bought the keyboard for school but it doesnt work. Pls fix it SAMSUNG

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