[dropcaps]Were you one of the many people that rushed to procure a shiny new Samsung Galaxy S6 because you needed to have the next big thing? Or maybe you just wanted a new device and the Samsung Galaxy S6 seemed like the natural choice since everyone either has an iPhone (eww) or a Galaxy device. Whatever the case, you are now the proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy S6 device and with that comes the obligation to use TouchWiz.[/dropcaps]

While it is definitely one of the better OEM skins on the market, it still takes away from the awesome, natural look that stock Android has to offer. Thankfully one of the cool new features that are present on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is the ability to change themes without having to download any third-party software or having to root your device. Pair that ability with the recently approved Material Design theme by XDA cambunch and you have something to be excited about. Keeping in line with a stock Android experience, the Material Design theme will almost completely remove every aspect of TouchWiz on your Samsung Galaxy S6 and replace it with Googles latest theme guidelines.

[blockquote author=”cambunch”]Material Design is meant to mimic the stock Google ROMs where available, and the official GApps elsewhere. [/blockquote]

The theme comes in two versions, a dark and light version and will be available in two weeks time, the normal amount of time that it takes Samsung to publish approved themes on their Theme Store. If you are feeling impatient and have rooted your Samsung Galaxy S6, then you can follow these instructions to go ahead and get the theme now. While not everyone is a huge of Google’s latest design guidelines, I think that we can all agree that TouchWiz is not the best when it comes to visual design and at least this Material Theme will give users something different to try out for a few weeks.

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  1. Hey Juan! Good article but am I allowed to disagree? I am a fan of a dark theme and Touch wiz fits the bill. Hate to say this but I am with the group that does not like Material Design at all. In fact, I sold my Note 4 with a locked bootloader in order to buy a replacement Note 4 just to keep KiTKat. Material Design is too white with silly colors. Google should have left it alone for people like me who liked what we had. I think it is a step backwards. Stop monkeying with the UI that people enjoyed in the first place without giving them choices to stay where they were. Bill

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