Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. LG G3

Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. LG G3

Examining the specs, it can definitely be said that LG did a great job in future proofing its G3. Many details are near identical despite the fact that the G3 is eight to nine months old.

Sure, the Samsung Galaxy S6 has a better processor, graphics, and cameras. However, the G3 has a larger battery, a larger display, a microSD card slot, and a cheaper price point.Of course, this is all just on paper. The S6 could be a device noticeably more optimized for performance, especially since it is brand new.

In my opinion, there is no wrong option here. While the lack of expandable storage is not a problem for some, considering the storage options for the G3, there are those who prefer to have it (For example, users who like to use more than one microSD card and frequently swap). For those people who need their device to act as a player for this sort of setup, they should consider the G3 more so. If that’s not an issue, which I expect to be the case for most, then choose which experience you prefer. Touchwiz and Optimus UI both are featured packed user interfaces, but should you desire a fingerprint scanner or the quicker charging capability of the two devices for example, consider the S6 more so. The S6 will get four hours of battery use from just 10 minutes of charging. It should also be noted that neither device is waterproof or dustproof.

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  1. We shall see how the world reacts to the absence of a removable micro SD card and non replaceable battery. I for one will never want a phone if I cannot have the above two facilities as a standard..Samsung could have kept the fashionistas happy and the existing loyal customers happy too.. by producing a phone with a removable battery and micro SD card….It seems like all manufacturers are joining forces to sell phones with a set use by date…I guess there are so many billions of us on this planet that they will always have a ready sales market….but that market will not include me….After a while new technology can become a joke gone too far….especially when sense goes AOL from manufacturers.

    • The Micro SD is a moot point as the storage options go up to 128gb. The lack of a removal battery and the decreased capacity are the only problems I see on the phone.

      • Except for the 128 Go version you will probably pay 200 dollars reuros more over the 32 Go version while a 128Gomicrosd card costs 80 dollars or less.And previous owner of samsung phones probably use microsd card.

    • SD card helps but apple has proves that it is not a deal breaker if you love the maker ,ui and overall .

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