Samsung Oppo Bloatware

The Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission has announced that they are taking legal action against Samsung and Oppo over their practice of installing bloatware. In a study of over 20 different smartphones, they found that several were sold with non-essential apps preinstalled on the device. It was further discovered that these apps could not be uninstalled and many “stole” cellular data.

Two of the devices studied were the Samsung SM-N9008S (Galaxy Note 3), which had 44 such bloatware applications preinstalled and the Oppo X9007,  which had 71 such bloatware applications pre-installed.

Some of the offending bloatware on the Samsung included an electronic dictionary and an online shopping program. The Oppo came with various programs and games.

The major problem that the commission found with these bloatware  apps is that they were not disclosed  to the purchasers of the phones before the purchase.

[blockquote author=”Tao Ailian – Secretary-General of the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission”]The litigation is our latest attempt to safeguard consumers’ rights after other methods failed… We hope it will force other companies in the sector to end the unreasonable, but common, practice of pre-installing apps without telling consumers. This is something that is very much necessary for the healthy development of the whole industry,[/blockquote]

In the legal challenge, the commission is hoping to bring to an end the practice of pre-installing applications without informing the consumer of said actions. If they win their case, manufacturers will be legally obligated to not only inform consumers of what apps come pre-installed but to also provide them a clear method of removing unwanted apps.

Samsung and Oppo have until July 17, 2015, to file their defense and then the court will announce a trial date.

Hopefully, this will lead to a legal precedent that will end the practice of installing unwanted and uninstallable programs. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Shanghai Daily

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