samsung_android2In terms of first Android handsets, when HTC says “second half of the year” they mean October.  When Samsung says it, they mean June.  Almost.

The South Korean handset maker plans to release three Android devices this year, the first of which will be launched outside of the US.  However, when it comes to us here in the states, Samsung says we’ll have two completely different looking handsets to choose from.  Keeping with earlier rumblings, the phones will be available on separate carriers, likely T-Mobile and Sprint.

Curious as to why Samsung has not released an Android phone yet?  Dr. Won-Pyo Hong, executive VP of global product strategy says Samsung was waiting for the “all clear” from its operator partners.

Our commitment is more to the Android phone than the Google Experience device.”

Some operators were worried Google’s long term vision has [and] that affected [timing].  Samsung is also looking to put their own feel to Android and wants to make that experience distinctly different than a “Google Experience.”  Sounds like maybe Sprint (and maybe T-Mobile) want future handsets to look lessGoogle-y and more like their brand.

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  1. I think this is a great idea. Android has so much to offer and shouldn't be limited to google's take on it. I will most likely stick with the google variety.. I was a huge google advocate using all their web apps before g1's release, making my transition to the g1 seamless.. I love this set up! The new home screan "sweeter home" gives you a peak at what can be done with android customization. Cell phones will never be the same! :)

  2. Hmm… I'm not sure about this. Google-ish for me means OPEN. Look at sweeter home, you can do whatever you want. Now of course if the meant hardware-wise, then they have my complete and undivided support. I don't want a toy bar of soap.

  3. Sounds like samsung is working on creating a new UI for android. That's exactly what the android OS needs. Sure the OS will still be "open" but it will have different look and feel. I'm looking forward to seeing what samsung comes up with.

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