Samsung’s Android Phone

Samsung didn’t get its gPhone out on time for the Mobile World Congress, but, according to Samsung they never planned for a launch at the Barcelona event anyway. The South Korean company cleared up the rumors that the gPhone was delayed, stating that always up for a late-year release.  That clears up what we previously reported less than a month ago.

If we are to stick with the rumors, the carriers might be T-Mobile and Sprint Nextel. The form factor though, could be a la the Instinct and Omnia, which might be a good news for the Instinct fans.

Somebody decided that we had said we were going to show Android here and then said we weren’t. We never said we were going to show Android, and we were never planning to. There’s no delay, and we’re on track to launch later this year as expected. – Samsung’s Kim Titus

The whatevers and whenevers remain to be seen but Samsung seems to be on its own way.  Get ready to have a cracker of a phone in terms of design, form factor, and UI.  And as far as the apps are concerned well, we need not worry about that.  The market adds better software everyday.