Samsung’s Omnia to Become an Entire Line of Phones, Include Android


For the time being, we need to file this under rumor.  A fun rumor, nonetheless.

According to msmobiles, Samsung is not going to simply release one Omnia handset.  They have bigger plans for the design type.  Plans that include Android.

It should come as no surprise that Samsung has some cool stuff lined up for our favorite mobile operating system.  They are, of course, a founding member of the Open Handset Alliance after all.  We saw a leaked photo earlier this week which is alleged to be their first Android phone.  Maybe the doors on Samsung’s plans are about to get blown off…

The guys at msmobiles say that a reliable source indicated the following:

  • There is no Omnia HD powered by Windows Mobile ; Omnia HD will be released only as a handset powered by Symbian operating system
  • “Omnia” is not limited to one or even 2 operating systems and also Google Android powered Omnia phones are coming ; in other words: “Omnia” is a family of phones and not some specific model or operating system
  • Windows Mobile was not used for Omnia HD because of Microsoft. Samsung (which is based in Korea) will not admit it publicly because Koreans are extremely polite. However the reality is that Microsoft was too late with next versions of Windows Mobile and Koreans were not satisfied with them, so, despite Omnia powered by Windows Mobile having very good sales, Samsung decided to use Symbian for Omnia HD.

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