Telenav, developers of the app Scout that aims to streamline event creation by making it easier to manage and keep in contact with your invitees, have recently unveiled the results of a recent consumer survey targeted towards revealing the “common pain points of get-togethers” that the recently updated Scout app will aim to alleviate.

Perhaps unsurprisingly given the short-attention span of the young adult generation (thanks to new information/games, and therefore potential distractions, being available at any and all times (I too unfortunately fall into this category, hard)), it is the “millenials” who struggle most of all to arrive on time to events. According to the survey, 1/3 of this age group said that as many as half of their friends tend to arrive late to events and meet-ups. As much as 30% of the general population, and nearly 50% of what Telenav dub “Generation Tardy” admit to telling their friends they’re mere minutes from the destination when they are in fact much further out.

The survey also backs up what many will likely hear from their parents on a frequently recurring basis, that they sleep too much, with 70% of the young adults having been late to a social gathering due to over sleeping (I once was meant to meet friends at a station an hour away at 2pm, and woke up at 3pm) compared to only 40% of the general population. The second most common cause of tardiness is eating, something 40% of the millenials have given as their reason, while only 22% of the general population admit to being late for this reason. The survey also proves that sex has become a higher priority for this generation of young adults than ever before, as 30% of respondents admitted to being late to a social event for this reason, twice as many as the general population.

Telenav, knowing that this generation spends most of their time glued to their smartphone (if you’re reading this on one I think I’ve proved my point), developed the app “Scout” to help prevent these problems from happening by allowing the creation of an event page that contains all the relevant information (much like Facebook’s Events page) as well as producing a group message thread to help keep everyone in contact. The app also features turn-by-turn directions and, what will appeal most of all to nervous hosts, uses location services to display each attendees’ ETA so your friends can never lie to you about how far away they truly are ever again.

Unfortunately one of the coolest features, from a party-goer’s standpoint, is only available on iOS at the current time. This features predictive traffic reports which will inform them of potential travel problems and offer an alternate route. However if you use Google Now, never fear! Simply input the event date and location in Google’s Calendar application, and the handy assistant will notify you when you need to leave, and inform you of the fastest way to get there using latest traffic reports.


If you want to give Scout a shot, and can convince all your friends to do the same, click the widget below to find it on the Play Store


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