You can never be too safe when it comes to your online accounts. Luckily Google has a way to make it nearly impossible for anyone to log into your account even if they have your login credentials. 2-step verification is a truly great way to keep intruders out of the picture and if you’d like to find out how to set it up… read on.

Visit this link where you’ll find all the required information about the 2-step verification and why it might be a good idea for you to set it up for your Google account.

  1. You’ll see a “Get Started” icon in the upper right corner, click it.
  2. Enter your credentials and sign in to your Google account
  3. You’ll see some more information and a blue “Start setup” icon on the right, click it.
  4. Enter your mobile phone number and choose how would you like Google to send you codes (more on this later), via SMS or by a voice call and confirm
  5. You’ll get a 6-digit code on your phone, enter it and click “verify”
  6. Next step will ask you if you trust the computer you’re doing this from, if you confirm that Google won’t ask you to enter the 6 digit code again, same thing goes for all your devices if you choose it to be so.
  7. The last step gives you a short description what you just did and ask you to confirm the changes one last time.
  8. That’s it, you’ll need to sign in again to your Google account (this goes for every device you’re using your Google account with)

Google will now require a 6-digit code when someone tries to sign in to your account and you’ll be the only one who can get it (it will be different every time) via your phone. If you mark a certain device as a “trusted device”, you won’t be required to enter the code there any more. This is a great way of doubling your security and I do recommend to every single one of you to active this feature.

There is even an official app available in the Google Play Store that can verify codes for you even if you’re in airplane mode, you can get it HERE.

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