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Welcome to the new series of AndroidGuys posts called Share With the Class!  We’ve created this new category in an effort to help you readers learn of new applications and share your favorites as well.

With over 30,000 applications to choose from, many gems get lost in the shuffle.  And since each of you has an opinion, we want to hear it.

Each time out, we’ll be picking a topic or specific genre/sub-genre and turning it over to you.  To help you out, we’ve assembled a team of contributors willing to share their own faves. For this first post, we’re looking for your preferred productivity apps.

One of my favourite apps at the moment is Gmote – a remote control app for Windows, Mac or Linux  computers. My main use for this is on my media centre pc. It works way better than various “real” remote controls and mice keyboard combos. A trackpad option turns your device screen into a mouse trackpad which is nice and sensitive! – James Pearce

SwiFTP Server is a nice little server that I found for my HTC Hero . You are able to log into your phone via a URL that is based on your username when you sign up for a free account.  I moved a 4MB MP3 in 31 seconds over my Sprint service and via WiFi in 10 seconds.

If used with an FTP client such as FileZilla, you are able to delete all unwanted files, voicemails, and downloads through the clients folder views without paging to each one on the phone to delete.  So whether it’s moving MP3 or PDF / Word documents for work I am able to move these onto my phone without even reaching for the phone itself. – Brian H. Harris

Astrid Task/Todo List is a handy app that allows you to set up to do lists, track time spent on projects, sync with your calendar/Remember the Milk, and so much more.  After using Astrid for months, I still don’t feel like I’ve scratched the surface for everything this app can do.

I use Astrid to set reminders for doctor’s appointments, work assignments, shopping lists, and other general tasks I need to complete.  With one click in the app you can send the task to your Google calendar, and from the main app menu you can sync with your Remember the Milk account. – Justin Jelinek

Some features of Astrid that set it apart from other todo applications are it’s ability to sync with the RememberTheMilk on-line task management service, it’s ability to add tags to tasks, and integration with Locale, the popular geo-location application.

Astrid’s UI is extremely simple to use and straightforward. When entering a new task or todo item, the application allows you to simple or very detailed information depending on your preference. You can set reminders based on both the approaching goal and absolute deadlines.

If you fail to complete the task beyond the absolute deadline, you can ask Astrid to pester you obnoxiously until you have completed the task. A couple of nice extras I’ve come to appreciate are the ability to set “Quiet Hours” during which Astrid will leave you alone, and the ability to colorize your task lists by their set priority.

Astrid has been invaluable to me both as a formal professional and particularly now as a student. With time management certainly being one of my weak suits, Astrid provides with me with many features and much flexibility. Best of all, IT’S FREE. – Christian Navarro

One of the best apps that I have found is NewsRoom. It’s basically an RSS feed reader with a great UI.  Before I was turned on to this app, I was going to each website I follow to see if anything new was posted. Now I just hit this app and all my feeds are there with the number of new posts since last checked. This saves me a bunch of time and I get all the info in one place.  There’s a free trial app in the market, but I loved it so much I bought it.  – Eric Petersen

I have tried and occasionally use sexier and better known productivity titles like EverNote, Inserty, and ShopSavvy, however the app I find myself using the most is ListBuddy – a shopping list application with things broken down by aisle and category.

All I have to do is text my phone with the items and they automatically show up in a list sorted by type!  I can also let others (wife) text me their shopping lists.  An online tool allows for uploading of my lists so that I don’t have to use texting.

You can specify the store for the items, the amount of items to get as well as the aisle that the item is located. The end result is a list broken down by store, aisle, and product type that can help organize your list and allow you to check them off of the list.  – Tom Lothian

Your Turn!

So now it’s time to hear what apps you are using for productivity.  Is it one of the above?  Why do you like it so much?  Come on, share with the class!

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