Share Location, Photos, and More Through Your Android Phones Calls with Thrutu [VIDEO]

Rather than simply talking and listening to someone on your phone, wouldn’t it be nice to share information such as photos or contact information? A new application has landed in the Android Market today called Thrutu which is designed to enhance your phone calls with these features and more. The app sits on top of your existing dialer and simply overlays buttons and options for in-call sharing. Want to provide the exact coordinates of your location to the other person instead of giving vague descriptions? Do it with Thrutu!

There are a total of five features built into this release (location, camera, gallery, contacts, and prod) but the developers expect to add more over time. On the roadmap are social media, calendars, video, and even games.

Here comes the rub: Both users are required to have the free application on their phone. It might be easy to convince a friend or two, but the real problem comes in getting mass awareness. The other issue that stands in the way of going viral is that Thrutu only works on carriers who provide voice and data simultaneously. It would be great to see this application built into handsets, but current standards leave companies like Verizon off the table (for now).

Hit the Android Market download Thrutu if you’d like to give it a shot. Let us know how it works for you and recommend new features!

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