Shop AndroidGuys! Dane-Elec 16GB microSDHC Card

Ask around and you’ll find the general consensus is that most Android owners would love more storage.  While many phones come with 2-4GB microSD cards, a lot of you opt to replace it right of the bat.  Did you know that you could buy accessories for all Android phones from our own store?  Accessories like a Dane-Elec 16GB microSDHC Card.

I feel obligated to point out that this is a Class 2 memory card.  That means if you are one of those who like to root your handset, you’ll want to look for a different card – something in a Class 6. However, being that the typical Android user doesn’t even know about rooting, this is a great choice.

Typically, I use the card for loading music, podcasts, and photos.  I’ve never had a problem with the card hanging up or taking too long to respond.  I did some checking around and found that HD video playback works good on the card with the only issue being it might take a tad long to load the files on.  Whereas most of my podcasts and music folders are loaded in a matter of minutes, large movies might take longer than expected.

As of today, the 16GB card sells for $39.95 in the AndroidGuys store.  We also offer smaller microSD cards in 2GB, 4 GB, and 8GB versions.

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