ShopSavvy Spotted on 142 Android Devices, 239 Firmware Versions, and Few BlackBerry Models

ShopSavvy, looking into further development of their Android app, recently threw out some interesting figures that we felt compelled to share..  Around since G1 launch, ShopSavvy can be found on at least 142 identified Android devices today with the Droid being the most popular.  Further, the Big in Japan team found that not only are there oodles of Android phones and tablets running their app, but there are nearly 250 firmware conditions as well.

Android detractors will no doubt have a field day talking about fragmentation after they get a look at the pie charts and percentages.  However, we feel it is our obligation to point out that we’ve never heard a bad word from the guys behind ShopSavvy when it comes to development woes.  At least publicly, that is.  In fact they seem rather proud that their app runs on so many devices with so many flavors.

Adding to the rumor that future RIM tablets will support Android applications, Big in Japan noticed three different instances of BlackBerry devices running ShopSavvy.  Considering that there is no native client for that platform, it could be that someone is testing things out ahead of a new tablet announcement.  It’s probably no coincidence that these BlackBerry logs were registered in Waterloo, Ontario (Canada).  Guess where the RIM headquarters is based…