Skycast Solutions Introduces TrayVu – Please return Your Android Devices to Their Full Upright Position

Skycast Solutions has created what I believe is an absolute brilliant solution to the ongoing revenue problems airlines have been facing. It’s not only cost effective, but also introduces limitless revenue possibilities via an avenue that passengers are less likely to complain about: In-flight entertainment.

Introducing the TrayVu: The world’s first IFE system to be integrated into the tray table. Using Android tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab), Skycast Solutions has managed to create an IFE system which is integrated into a lightweight airline tray table that can easily be installed on existing airline seats. Up until now most IFE systems have been heavy, expensive units, that must be installed into a seats headrest. Installing TrayVu does not require any seat modifications to be made and once installed, swapping out a unit is as easy as two screws and a plug. While the low-cost, inventive and easily maintained design is in itself impressive, it’s really the onboard revenue wielding possibilities that take the cake.

Imagine you’re on a five-hour flight and have been given the go to take off your seat belt, kick off your shoes, and relax. In front of you, there’s this awesome piece of technology staring you in the face, summoning you with its brilliant colors and curious content. You soon find a plethora of entertainment options at your fingertips: Movies, music, games, in-flight snack and beverage ordering, web browsing — I’m talking a full on smorgasbord of mile-high fun. Now imagine it being linked to a convenient and easy credit card payment system that allows you to run a tab or pay for content as you consume it. Not only are you able to pay for your content but you can also link it to any other passenger in your party (yep, kids with daddy’s credit card).

They’ve essentially created a monetizing buffet of easily consumable entertainment and placed it on the feeding trays of stimulation-starved passengers trapped in a metal tube. Absolutely brilliant! Not to mention the fact of inter-passenger gameplay. “Dude, passenger 57 thinks he’s going to beat me by playing 8 point words like ‘blade,’ — what a new jack.” It’s like having an aerial “game night,” how sweet is that!

I’m really loving this idea, and I hope airlines jump on board so I don’t have to continue paying asinine baggage charges. I’d be more willing to part with my cash for a movie rental or five hours of playing “Star Legends.” The future is coming, and it has Android stamped all over it! I’m definitely sold, how about you?

Source: Skycast Solutions

[spoiler show=”Press Release”]Skycast Solutions Launches First In-Tray Inflight Entertainment System for Airlines

Weighing less than two pounds per seat, the TrayVu™ IFE system is a cutting edge, cost-effective alternative to expensive seat-back IFE systems

SEATTLE, Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — APEX 2011 — Skycast Solutions today unveiled the new TrayVu™ IFE system, the world’s firsts IFE system to be integrated into the tray table. TrayVu™ represents a true industry break-through. TrayVu™ was designed to enhance airline profits, while improving the onboard customer experience.

“Airlines face tough conflicting pressures to lower costs, increase their ancillary revenues, without resorting to higher fees. Today’s tech-savvy passengers expect and deserve a better onboard experience,” said Bill Boyer, CEO of Skycast Solutions and inventor of the digEplayer. “The TrayVu™ IFE system was designed from the ground up to meet those challenges and expectations.”

Introducing TrayVu™
TrayVu™ represents a step-change approach for IFE. Features include:
Only tray-integrated IFE system in the world (patents pending)
Lightest seat-centric system available (less than 2lbs/seat)
Fraction of the cost of seat-back systems
Highly customizable Android platform
Solid state tablet computer at each seat
Faster and un-intrusive installation
Easy maintenance: unit swaps with two screws and a plug
No seat modifications necessary

With TrayVu™ Airlines and Customers Win
TrayVu™ is more than a great idea. The TrayVu™ IFE System uses the latest technology to maximize media and marketing opportunities for airline partners. Airline customers benefit by TrayVu’s sleek design, simplicity, and user-friendliness including:
Touch screen key pad and easy tablet navigation
HD resolution on a 8.9″ screen
No ‘head tapping’ issues
Wi-Fi compatibility
Flexible viewing angles
Premium and complimentary content including: ‘Still in theaters’ movies, TV shows, games, shopping, multiple passenger gaming, destination offers, and more.
Point of sale at every seat allows guest to “run-a-tab™” and order food/drinks on-demand, as well as host other family members traveling anywhere in the aircraft.

“We are out to make flying more enjoyable,” stated Greg Latimer, Skycast Solutions chief marketing officer. “By creating an IFE system that is both affordable and profitable, our goal is to bring cutting-edge inflight entertainment to millions more passengers.

About Skycast Solutions
Skycast Solutions was founded by Bill Boyer, inventor of the digEplayer, the world’s first portable IFE offering. Boyer and a team of aviation veterans are the developers of the new TrayVu™ inflight entertainment system, the world’s first IFE system integrated in the tray. The proprietary tray-table integration of TrayVu™ was designed from the ground-up to serve the needs of airlines seeking a lighter and more cost-effective alternative to traditional, heavy and expensive seat-back IFE systems. The TrayVu™ system incorporates a Samsung Galaxy tablet with an Android Honeycomb 3 platform and includes touch screen functionality, WI-FI compatibility, and a point of sale credit card reader at every seat. The Skycast Solutions TrayVu™ system is built for airlines seeking a low cost IFE option that will enhance their customer experience while generating significant ancillary revenue. For more information, visit
SOURCE Skycast Solutions[/spoiler]

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