SlingMedia’s Android Plans

Android seems to be enchanting everyone and why not? Its the best open source platform available for developers to develop their own apps. When freelance developers are busy creating exciting apps on this new, soon-to-be-lucrative platform, how can the big software development firms stay put? SlingMedia, a company who develops software to stream content from a set-top box called a ‘SlingBox’ to computers and mobile devices, has revealed its interest to develop the Sling Mobile player for Android devices. The unconfirmed news is out on Sling Community forum. According to them, the reason behind their interest for the Android is owing to its release on multiple mobiles this year.  Works on WebOs and iPhone are likely put on the backburner for the time being.

This was what Megazone, a SlingMedia developer and Forum user had to say on the developments for Android:

At this time we have not officially announced any development for Android or webOS, but we’re keeping an eye on both of them. Android seems to be the next logical platform, looking at the overall market, and Sling reps have talked about it a few times. I believe some have gone as far as to say it is our next platform, but I won’t since we haven’t made any announcements. The kind of support we’re seeing through the OHA is very promising, and if even some of the announced devices and partners come to market it will be a strong player.

There has to be a business justification to invest the resources in developing the client. The next logical platform is Android, which we’re already taking a strong look at. Unlike webOS, Android already has multiple announced devices with commitments from several major device makers for even more, with carriers lined up world-wide. Remember that from our point of view it is the intersection of users with the platform *and* a Slingbox who are also interested in using SPM. Engineering resources aren’t free, so there has to be some return on investment.

What is to be seen though is how their plans will wind up in the near future and would they be ever interested in developing for WebOs.  One phone on one network is a little scary at this point especially coming from a company like Palm.  Rumored to be on their death bed for sometime now, the new Pre might just be a last hurrah.   As far as Android is concerned, SlingMedia would be wise to throw their hat into the ring just to make sure they’d follow closely in the footsteps of Google.

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