Slowing Android Down

The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that Google’s Android devices will surely be delayed to the fourth quarter of this year. They also said that the companies working on Android are struggling to meet their own deadlines. Last November, Google and their 30+ partners announced that the Android mobile based handsets will be launched after June of this year. It seems as if it might be longer for some companies than others. For instance, Sprint might even scrap their plans for a 3G Android device and roll out a 4G/WiMax model.

Everybody talks about the handset manufacturers when it comes to delays, but according to the WSJ, there is a point about software that is not mentioned much. Google is making a lot of changes to the mobile OS and, in turn, developers end up facing new problems and have to adapt their applications. Apparently, China Mobile was set to launch an Android phone this quarter, but that’s been pushed back as well.

There still is good news in that the mobile manufacturer HTC confirmed that they will be launching their first Android based handset by the fourth quarter. This is on track with what we have been reporting for most of the year. The Korean handset making giant, Samsung is also working on an Android handset. We should see that later in the year if not early 2009.

The reality is that each handset maker and carrier has a different approach to their game plan. Some have more trouble than just Android. Take a look at Sprint who has been going through some major changes and problems these last few quarters. It’s often a case of having bigger fish to fry. Here’s hoping that each of them gets behind their projects and ultimately puts out excellent hardware on great networks.

It will be good for those select handset manufacturers to have their Android phones shipping in the fourth quarter. We’ve seen that some phone makers will generate as much as 33% of their income revenue in the fourth quarter. The more phones coming out at once with Android, the better its chances for gaining momentum out of the gate.

To sum this up – this is nothing groundbreaking to report on today. Just more insight into what problems different companies are faced with regarding Android.

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  1. Worrisome. Sounds like a prelude to backpedaling or outright flip-flopping from the carriers – which I suspected all along. Ultimately I seriously doubt we will see any carriers issuing Android, once they realize it prevents their evil, status quo abuse of the Consumer. In fact I predict some nasty law suits from the carriers trying to stop Android ( “….it’s a danger to national security!” ). Remember, the carriers all banded to together to demand indemnity from being sue for giving our personal data to the government, why would they behave any different when faced with the reality of being just Dumb Pipes because of Android?

    But’s thats OK, just hurry up and release it as a stand alone piece of software, with a short list of blessed hardware. Let market forces do the rest.

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