[dropcaps]Let’s face it, not all of us have mad coding skills like Mark Zuckerberg or your nerdy next door neighbor that had been coding since he was 5. Which is okay, as most of us do not need to be able to code like a coding wizard. The only time that it would become a problem is if you are trying to start a small business and would like to off your customers a mobile app to better connect with you, only to find that creating an app would takes months and hiring someone would be too expense. Yes, this is where things start to become an issue but thankfully for us Appy Pie has come to the rescue (I don’t apologize for the cliche statement…)[/dropcaps]

Launched in 2013, Appy Pie took a completely different approach when it came to coding by offering the average business and consumer the ability to create apps using nothing but their browser. Users no longer had to spend months learning how to code, hours downloading IDES and setting them up, or the countless amount of dollars hiring someone to do it for them. Building an app had become as simple as logging into your computer, going to their website and creating an app using the simple on-screen prompts. Now you could create an app for your small Italian restaurant as to be able to better connect with your customers. Well, Appy Pie was not content with that service and today they have launched a brand new web service, Snappy, that makes it even easier to create apps!

[blockquote author=”Eric S. Raymond”]Computer science education cannot make anybody an expert programmer any more than studying brushes and pigment can make somebody an expert painter.[/blockquote]

Using nothing but drag and drop prompts, Snappy allows you to quickly create an app for your small business, be it a brand new restaurant or an up and coming shop. Let’s go back to the Italian example and let’s say that you want to be able to create an app so that customers can see what menu items you offer and their prices. Even better, you can add pages that allow your customers to order the food straight from the app and Social Sharing pages to share your app with their friends or like your page on social media.

app 1.1 app 2.1 app 2.2

After using it myself and playing around with the service, I have to say that is much easier to use and faster than Appy Pie. Not to say that Appy Pie was super difficult, but you can tell that Snappy was built for those that don’t have too much on their hands.

Overall, Snappy is a great new service that any average consumer can take advantage of for whatever their app-building needs may be. While a picture ma speaks a thousand words, using the service to build your app will speak a million. So head on over to website using the link provided and play around with Snappy and start making apps today!

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  1. Appy Pie’s Game builder is awful. The .ipa it creates is corrupt and can not be uploaded to iTunes Connect. The customer service is terrible. I’ve spent almost a week contacting support multiple times a day to fix bugs, package name errors, and to ask them to upload my apps to the stores without ANY results. They always say, it’ll be done “today.” 48 hours later…nothing. HIGHLY NOT recommended.

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