The HTC One X is currently one of the most popular (and powerful) Android devices on the market. Now, however, we’re seeing some reports surface from users that there may be a very specific WiFi problem on the device, which adds to the reports of very bad lag while playing games. XDA user bigoliver decided to check it out for himself, and found out some specifics.



What did you just watch? The video above demonstrates how to find out if your One X is affected. According to bigoliver:

Gently squeeze the side back of your phone, between the camera lens and the volume buttons, if your WIFI signal strength improves only to drop back down when you stop squeezing then you have this seemingly common fault.

If you’re affected, issues can range from terrible battery life to a simple inability to connect to WiFi at all. The advice is, if you can, simply return the phone and get it replaced… because the alternative, if your exchange period is over, isn’t pretty:

1. Remove the Sim and Sim-Tray

2. Duck tape up the power and volume buttons, to save time fiddling with putting them back in afterwards.

3. Out of the recommended methods to open your phone below I would prefer to use my finger nail and or a guitar plectrum, I imagine this to be the best way to avoid scratches and damaging the case/screen. BE CAREFUL not to push the tool used too far inside the phone as this will cause damage.

4. I would probably use a soldering iron to make a secure connection between the pins, I fear that just bending the pins up slightly might develop the same issue again later on.

If this sounds scary, that’s because it is. Even bigoliver himself backed away from this. HTC, however, is currently aware of the problem; there’s even an HTC rep monitoring the thread in XDA. Moreover, while this may sound like Apple’s “you’re-holding-it-wrong” scenario, this is where HTC comes out above: if you’re experiencing an issue, the rep would like a PM from you on XDA, so the support team at HTC has as much info to go off of as possible.

Check out the XDA source thread below for more info, specifics on the fix, and everything else related to this issue. Be sure to let us know in the comments if your One X is affected, and how you got it resolved.

Note: AndroidGuys is not help responsible for any damage done to your device.

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