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I’d like to revisit that whole deal with AT&T and why they weren’t on board with Google in the first place. Allegedly, they were afraid that Google would tie the phone up with their own services and not offer easy customization. Apple’s fear was that Android phones would be set up so that you were forced to use a specific browser for internet and only Google Maps. There was also the concern that Google would control which programs are able to load on the handsets.

It’s my opinion that what we were being fed then, and now is a lot of malarkey. Why? Well, let’s take a look at AT&T’s favorite handset, the iPhone. When was the last time you saw an AT&T logo on there? They don’t even have the carrier’s name stickered on the back. As far as keeping too much control over what gets installed on the device… please. Ask any developer out there which platform allows for more customization and 3rd party enhancements.

Did AT&T realize how Apple planned on allowing new software installation and the road which users have to travel? Did AT&T know that a year after launch, iPhone owners would be tunneled into the App Store where Apple takes 30% off the top? That’s even if Apple decides that said programs are sold through their business model. Something tells me that either A) Apple didn’t let AT&T in on their secret plan, or B) AT&T knew and didn’t care.

So what’s the real reason Ralph de la Vega or AT&T passed the first time around? Better yet, what’s the difference between their initial concerns over Android versus what they’re doing with the iPhone now?