Galaxy S6 bloatware that can be removed

The same feeling goes through us every time we all get a new smartphone. If we buy it online, we unbox it, some of us even record the experience for the world to see. If we go to buy it from a wireless carrier, they unbox it for you.

Then, as we look upon our new smartphone for the first time and open the application drawer for the first time, we see it. It can’t be hidden from us. For some of us, it is actually painful to observe. The icons are so bold and ugly, that we have to look away.

All the OEMs and all the wireless networks are guilty of subjecting all of us to this mind-numbing, time-consuming and eventually smartphone-destroying substance! BLOATWARE!

What genius came up with an idea to put in a SECOND maps application, not one that’s better than Google Maps.. but one with a monthly fee to actually use?

What idiot came up with installing a cache cleaner, or a caller ID service, or for that matter a freaking anti-virus application that we won’t use.

On top of everything else is the actual fact that all of the wonderful people who decided to add this software decided to make sure that you can NOT remove this crap unless you are a genius.


That’s right, unless you are very smart or resourceful enough to find a site like XDA, and remove all the RAM eating, battery sucking applications that you are clearly smart enough to download yourself in the first place, you’re stuck with it. Out of luck. Eventually, you either learn to live with it, or find a way around it.

To the smartphone manufacturer, it’s not too late. We could fall in love again. Smarten up and realize that we, the power users, don’t hate you.

We are very passionate about our devices. We want to have the right to say loud and proud that we use your product, and everyone else’s phone sucks.

We want to be able to continue to use the one or many smartphones that we carry, and not have to bitch and moan whenever we have to wait for the device we have to catch up with the bloatware that you decided to stick us with.

To the wireless networks, and it may be too late for this, but we simply ask you to let our new smartphone come to us as you received it from the manufacturer.

Leave your maps, your slow and crappy caller ID application, and whatever else you want to put on a new smartphone model where it started. The company server.

Let the customer decide what they want. We want to be able to use your service. We want to choose which applications you offer that we want without you shoving it down our throats.

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  1. Yeah, the first thing I do is root and debloat ever since the T-Mo myTouch 3G… then the LG G2x. After that I got a Nexus 4. I’ve got a Note 4 now that has stayed stock for just over a month… but it’s the 4G international flavor, so it’s minimal bloat… root is nigh for this one too tho.

    So yes, stop the bloat. Those of us that know what to do are killing it anyways. Those that don’t, ask us to do it for them. Save us all some time, just stop.

  2. the companies add them as they have tie-ups with companies that make app or they themselves develop the apps. So they will definitely not want you to uninstall them. Their mindsets have to change.

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