Sonos Expands Product Line with Compact PLAY:3

Sonos, Inc., the premier name in wireless music systems and a favorite of ours, is expanding their product line today. Available immediately, customers can now pick up a compact PLAY:3 player with a friendly $299.99 price tag.  Whereas the S5 featured 5 integrated speakers and amps, the PLAY:3 offers 3 speakers and amps, with a twist.  These little guys have an accelerometer inside, meaning output is modified depending on whether they are on horizontal (traditional) or on their side in a vertical position.  What’s more, users can get a true stereo experience out of a pair of PLAY:3 units as they can function as dedicated left or right channels.

Of course, the PLAY:3 works with existing connected Sonos setups and can be controlled by the Android (or iPhone) app.  Sonos gives customers access to just about any music service one can imagine, including media library on computer, iTunes, 100,000 radio stations,, MOG, Napster, Pandora, Rdio, Rhapsody, SiriusXM, Stitcher Smart Radio, and Spotify.  There are actually even more sources, but you get the point!

In other Sonos-related news, the company has tweaked the names of their existing products, making things less confusing to potential buyers.  For example, the S5 player is now the PLAY:5 while the ZoneBridge is now known as Bridge.  Speaking of which, Sonos has shaved a big chunk off of the price of this connected device, dropping it down to a very reasonable $49 each.  Oh, and the Android app has been redesigned and now works on Honeycomb tablets!


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