Get a Better Look at Sony Ericsson Acro

The folks at XPERA Blog have come across an image of the Sony Ericsson Acro which gives us a much better look at the forthcoming device.   Initially uncovered last week, the Acro is an Android 2.3-powered phone said to feature a 4.2-inch touch display, an 8.1- megapixel camera, an support for NFC and a DTV chip.  Early rumors peg this with a May or June announcement for European or Japanese markets.  One look at the back of this picture and we see this version appears headed for NTT DoCoMo. One thing is for certain – Sony Ericsson phones have a very distinct look about them with this sleek, European for factor.  Would be hard to to mistake this for any other company, no?

Source: DataCider (translated)


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