xperia_x10_officialpics10We’ve been waiting a long time for Sony Ericsson to give the goods on their first Android-based handset and today they delivered.  The phone is called XPERIA X10 and it’s stunning any way you look at it.  Looking for a sleek, sophisticated handset with curves?  Done.  What if your a spec-hound and want a powerful device in your pocket?  Done.

The XPERIA X10 comes with a 4-inch capacitive display, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, an 8.1 mega-pixel camera, and a user interface known as UX.  Previously known as “Rachael” the UI is unlike anything we’ve seen on Android so far.  Well, almost.  One of SE’s features in an app called Timescape which aggregates all your messages.  These messages include SMS, MMS, email, twitter, Facebook, and missed calls.  It is possible to filter through all of these by event types as shown in the video below.

Mediascape is similar to Timescape except that it works for your photos and music.  It shows users what is available on the device or online suggests music based on what’s being listened to.  It can also recommend tracks it thinks you might like from conversations with riends.  Face recognition is also built into the phone, automatically tagging and recognizing your friends after you set it up.

Engadget was able to spend some time playing with the phone and the fellas were kind enough to put together a gallery.  We’ve grabbed a few of the pics to share below.

xperia_x10_hands_on3 xperia_x10_hands_on2

xperia_x10_hands_on xperia_x10_hands_on4

Here’s the official media from Sony Ericsson!

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  1. for the US 3G, it only has the crappy AT&T frequencies – which is retarded, why support the crappiest network in metro cities???

    Too much blue in their UI too.

    After watching the demos and lack of T-Mobile/Sprint/VZN support… I'm going for the Droid

  2. Yep. Just checked and there is a white model and a black model, one is suppose to be AT&T and one is T-Mobile. That is the word.

  3. Where does specification says it uses capacitive screen???

    This phone is DOA! :-(

    Does anyone remember how the first Snapdragon powered phone – Toshiba TG01 was trashed 'cos of lousy battery autonomy?

    Apparently same story goes for SE's X10:

    I guess this is the answer on to why did Acer decided to lower down frequency of the Snapdragon in their A1 Android phone!

    Did you know that originally Snapdragon was conceptualized for "Smartbooks" not for mobile phones!?

    Did anyone watched engadget's hands-on review?? This miserable flop of SE called X10 is so sloooow that's beyond sorrow! :(

    To add salt to the wound it runs 1.6 instrad Android 2.0… again, same as Acer! Why? well simply 'cos there are no optimized Android 2.0 for Snapdragon! As a matter of fact there's no any version of :optimized" Android for Snapdragon! Andorid runs in ARM 11 compatibility mode on Snapdragon, thansk to Qualcomm developed wrappers implemented in Donut libraries!

    Google was focused on their strategic aliance with Motorola, and delivering Android 2.0 on Motorola;s hardware, that it didn't do anything to make it optimized for Snapdragon!

    You do know that Motorola runsk on Texas Instruments OMAP series 3000 that's build on ARM Cortex-A8 core!?

    And according to engadgets review of Moto Droid, that's best Android phone out there when it comes to battery autonomy!

    And to add insult to injury, Sony Ericsoon has the hardware tha't is powering Moto Droid in their Satio!! Why haven't they used available solution?? Well it's in line with series of illogical decisions by SE in the past two years!!

    One question for the end: what do you rather have: 5MP camera with dual LED flash or 8MP camera with out any flash?

  4. I like the look and the awesome specs, but I am more a fan of the traditional google branded UI for android. The problem with these UIs through other companies is the waiting for upgrade. This phone, last i heard was built on 1.6 and will not have 2.0 at launch.

    • I agree. I want the phone. I don't want the spinny windows. Just like Sony to f-up a good thing. They're still vain. It's all about them. Android has proven that it's all about the user, not the company.

      Sony, please lose your 1980's marketing practices. Please. So we can have a decent phone with a good, solid OS. Not your hybrid crap.

      • I understand your concern, but isn't the work they've done, less than HTC has done for Sense? The Hero is desirable because it is not standard Android. If some companies were not re-skinning the whole platform or just parts of it, wouldn't it make the whole Android thing a little boring?

    • I so agree with this. I have the Sony P1i and it got a few bugfixes and thats it, no updates ever beyond those to its Symbian OS. The P1i also runs a modified UI so not all apps work properly with it. I really dont want a repeat of that experience.
      It looks great and I have high hopes it is possible to put the base Android OS the X10. I'm going to wait to see what happens with the mod crowd that seem to spring up around every phone.
      Also, it doesn't appear to have a compass. We need someone to get their hands on one to test whether all the nice features like virtual reality overlays etc are possible with this thing.
      It does seem to be the only stylish phone on the market with droid though.

      • It has a compass I have used it myself. Google skymaps works great as does Layar. Eveything is extremely snappy already except the custom parts they were showing in the Youtube clips. That will be fixed and further more in the clip it looked like it was the first time he opened the Timescape app and as it loads avatars and statuses from the net it takes a while the first time I guess. I have had it run pretty fast once it is loaded properly.

  5. i saw a video showind a hand holding the phone and a super laggy ui. why would they drop the 1gh snapdragon to 768 mh? especially if they know they need it? and since they were going to release it with 1 gh. its like some one is dictating the progress of us devices of they wanna juice us for all we got * wough dude the new 810 gh snapdragons coming out! im gonna get it!* *sony-stupid americans get the cheap crap and they dont even b*tch,haha lets count our yen* even the toshiba got 1 gh snapdragon in there GT01 cmon why couldnt we get it battery life? look at the droid its battery life is great and im pretty sure that the core A8 consumes more battery than snapdrag. look it that even the droids supposed 800mghz ….4get it im just sick of gettin hype over BS.

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