It would appear that Sony is prepping a brand new skin of Android for their Xperia devices.

[blockquote author=””]‘Sony’s Android concept’ is a new initiative for Sony users that have a passion for innovation and the latest technology. As a Sony user you have the opportunity to trial a new concept Android software build for Xperia Z3. The initiative is all about letting you – our users – evaluate the software, so we can acquire feedback to improve the experience based on what you like and what you don’t.[/blockquote]

Sony’s Android concept appears to be an entirely new OS, not just a bump of their current Android skin to the latest Android version.

Sony is starting a beta test of this ‘Sony’s Android concept’ in Sweden. The beta is only for Z3 users in Sweden currently and can fill out a form to apply for a spot in the beta group.

It is also noted that this software beta will only be open to Sony Z3 owners and not compatible with compact model.

This beta will run from July 27th to September 13th. Signs point to this new Android concept to ship out with Sony’s newest flagship expected soon if the betas go well!

What do you think? Will this Android concept be the fire starter that Sony needs to get their devices into the limelight?

You always hear about Samsung’s Touchwiz or HTC’s Sense, but you never hear about Sony’s Xperia. Maybe this is what Sony needs to pick up sales and brand recognition.

And hopefully in a good way. People always talk about Touchwiz being the worst skin out there, but I find Xperia to be the worst OEM skin being shipped to customers.

Xperia is just looks awful and runs even worse than it looks in my opinion. Hopefully this sees Xperia brought into the modern age and the archaic design that it currently has is left behind for good.

Source: Swedroid via: Xperia Blog

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  1. Great article, but please dude, Xperia is worse than Touchwiz?? Is that a joke? Xperia is about as close as you can get to pure or stock Android. I’ve even had other people tell me that. Either that or HTC Sense. I’ve owned all 3, and Touchwiz was the WORST experience by far. Samsung HAS come a long way in the last year, but let’s not get carried away. They even had to steal Sony’s and HTC’s premium look to get people’s attention.

    • As close as you can get to pure/stock Android? Please, Motorola is the closest you can get without buying a Nexus device.

      Also, it is all a matter of opinion. Xperia has some great features, but I was talking purely about looks. I hate the way Xperia looks. Touchwiz doesn’t look bad anymore. Also, Samsung didn’t have to steal Sony’s and HTC’s premium looks to get attention. No, they broke tradition to get attention (Samsung Note).

      I just prefer Touchwiz over Xperia right now. However, that is just because Touchwiz fits better into how I use my device. You probably use your phone differently than I do, and that would be why you prefer Xperia over Touchwiz.

      • I mean, it’s closer than TouchWiz anyway, I THINK. lol

        Yeah, a year ago when I briefly (4 days) had the S5 before switching to the M8, I couldn’t stand TouchWiz. But now it’s much better.

        Perhaps this is the case then, regarding fit.

          • Yes, I agree with that. Only b/c I’m interested to see what they do with it.

            Only real issue I have with the Z3 is that in order to ensure I get all my MMS messages, I have to turn off VoLTE in settings. (And use an alternate APN). Not too happy about that, but I still love this phone over all others. But I think this is more my carrier T-Mobile’s fault than Sony’s.

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