Late last week we informed you of Sprinkle hitting the Android Market, a game where you help an alien species inhabiting Titan, one of the moons of Saturn. Earthlings have crashed through Saturn’s rings, sending meteors crashing into Titan, it’s your job to help this alien race by taking command of a water cannon mounted on a crane to extinguish the fires before they engulf the Titans homes.

The game features 48 levels, the majority of which are locked when you first begin playing. To unlock these levels you need to have a certain amount of water droplets (kind of like stars in Angry Birds), with each level able to give you a maximum of four 5 droplets. Droplets earned depends on the amount of water you have left once you extinguish all of the fires in that level.


You can control the height of the crane by dragging your finger up and down whilst placed on the water cannon and the direction by moving your finger in an arc motion just in front of the nozzle. Water is fired by holding a big red button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, with a meter to let you know how much water you have left. I’ve been playing the game on my Motorola Xoom and found the 10.1″ screen a little too big for controlling the crane perfectly. It’s not a major issue but a little frustrating when you rotate the firing angle instead of lowering the height of the crane, wasting precious water.


The gameplay is challenging and there’s also something extremely satisfying about firing the water and watching it slosh about. The levels get evermore challenging the further you progress, eventually involving the moving of stone boulders or blocks of ice to block some gaps where the water would drain away. One thing a really like about the game is the music and SFX, I actually like listening to them whereas they’re the first things to be turned off on some games. I’m really enjoying the game but I’m not finding it addictive enough, I don’t have the urge to go back and finish every single level, never mind earning four drops on each one.

It’s worth pointing out that Sprinkle is only compatible with Tegra 2 devices, so don’t go buying it if your device doesn’t use this chip and then miss the refund window. Also some users have reported successfully running it on non Tegra 2 devices using Chainfire 3D. This app requires root, but it can help intercept and change commands running between apps and GPUs, meaning you can run games like Sprinkle on your non Tegra 2 device. The method is not without risks though so use at your own peril and make sure you know all the risks before attempting to use the app.

The controls can be frustrating on larger screens and a first play through might not take very long but I feel for $1.99 this game is totally worth it. What do you guys think? Have any of you tried Sprinkle? What did you think of it? Let us know below.

[app] com.mediocre.sprinkle[/app]

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  1. Thanks, for letting us know I’ll amend that. I tried and tried on one of the easier levels to get 5 but couldn’t so I assumed it was 4. I’m obviously not great at the game…

    • Part of that may also be because the hit detection in the game is a bit wonky and it’s hard to tell when the fire is fully extinguished so you may end up spraying more water than you need (or less in some cases when you think that the fire is out but it springs back to life).  I still like the game but issues like that make it sometimes more frustrating than fun when trying to get 5 droplets.

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