Sprint to announce $50 unlimited plan this week, says WSJ

Sprint could take the fight directly to other provider’s doors this week in offering a $50, all-you-can-consume rate plan, says the Wall Street Journal. Reportedly, the carrier is set to introduce a plan that gives users access to unlimited talk, text, and data for a mere $50 per month.

As compared to the current rate of $110 per month this comes out to less than half the cost. T-Mobile gives customers the same bucket for $80 per month. According to the newspaper, Sprint has been testing the plan in Chicago and expects to roll it out soon.

Sprint is also reported to be testing a new family plan which offers up to 20GB of shareable data across four lines of service. Priced at $160, it’s double the data offered by other carriers.

New CEO Marcelo Claure recently announced he would be unveil some “very disruptive” plans; a press event is scheduled for August 19. We’ll find out soon enough as to what Sprint has in store to stem the bleeding of leaving customers.

WSJ (Subscription required)

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