Sprint introduces Total Equiptment Protection

Sprint has announced a new plan to offer new protection, security, and support to its customers with three different packages.

  • The first package is the Replace It package, which allows you to get coverage on a broken or stolen phone and get it replace in  a couple days. Sprint says this package could save you hundreds of dollars should something bad happen to your phone depending on your monthly plan.
  • The second package is the Secure It package, which allows you to get automatic backups of everything on your device, including contacts and videos, and be able to restore everything should you lose your phone. This package also grants GPS tracking of your phone should you lose it and remotely lock it down. Lastly, this package also includes enhanced virus protection, which also promises to enhance your battery.
  • The third package is Support It, which gives you access to a US-based tech expert for any questions and problems you have. This package also grants you Sprint’s online tutorials specific to your phone.


Sprint TEP