Sprint Motorola XOOM and Samsung Replenish Now Available for Purchase

Recently, Sprint announced the Motorola XOOM Wi-Fi and we exclusively told you that they will be launching it on May 8th, which Sprint confirmed. The Xoom is the first ever Honeycomb tablet and you can now get it from Sprint for $599.99. So, if you have some money sitting around and are looking forward to an Android tablet, you can now get one from Sprint.

Along with the Xoom, Sprint also launched the first ever “green” Android phone, the Samsung Replenish. It’s a good looking phone and comes with a BlackBerry-esque keyboard and it’s an entry level device. It’s available for $49.99 on Sprint and you can get it now from your nearby Sprint store. Sprint also launched the Nexus S yesterday, so it looks like they’re on a roll.

So who’s picking up a Xoom or Replenish from Sprint?