Sprint ‘One Up’ joins the early upgrade party

The fourth major U.S. carrier, Sprint,  has now released their version of an early phone upgrade program.  Sprint is planning the launch of their “One Up” program on September 20th, filling out your options list of early upgrade carriers, according to CNET.


The plan is very similar to T-Mobile, where you pay for a full-price device via monthly installments in lieu of the more traditional subsidized price. The return on this investment is the capability to upgrade to a new device after only 1 year on contract (as opposed to the traditional 2), along with a $15/month discount on Sprint’s unlimited voice/messaging/data plans. Also like the Uncarrier, Sprint will offer some discounted rates designed to draw in adoption.

After a year, a customer can upgrade to a new phone by trading in the device. A customer signs up for One Up with an Unlimited, My Way or All-In plan. One Up provides a $15 discount, which allows for an unlimited talk, text, and data plan that costs as little as $65 a month. T-Mobile‘s comparable unlimited plan costs $70 a month.

Current Sprint customers can get on the action, too, though some higher restrictions can/will apply.



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