Sprint Samsung Instinct Sold Out In 1st Week, You Can Win 10 Grand Too

Most of us believed the potential was there for the Instinct to come away as a worthy phone, capable of selling well. Not many of us would have guessed that the Instinct would have made itself comfortable on the throne of Sprint’s fastest selling EVDO handset within the first week of availability, breaking records for the initial launch of any Sprint product. They’ve even been selling out at locations across the country. We must say that Sprint has done a wonderful job in promoting the Instinct. It looks like some of that rumored $100 million ad blitz is working. We hope they can get behind their Android based phones in the same manner.

In keeping with the sell out theme Sprint is becoming very generous and giving fans a chance to sell out too. They’re holding a video contest that encourages site visitors like yourself to participate in the greatest product placement movie ever by leveraging your own content to “Sell Out” using your home videos. The first 1,000 videos to be accepted and posted to YouTube get $20. One video will win $10,000! Yeah, you read that right – ten large!

If you want to participate then you should first check out the rules. After that, you’re ready to head over to to Instinct The Phone and start selling out your family for $10,000!

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  1. As much as I hate Sprint, I must acknowledge their television advertising campaign for the Instinct – it’s really funny, self-deprecating ( “…the most action pack product placement movie of the year… ). Using honest advertising ( they show the lame browser in the ads ) and a semi “not evil” appeal from the company president ( “What do you want in a mobile phone plan…?” ) they deserve to have a good sales week.

    Are you listening AT&T?

  2. instinct is actually pretty good with FAST data speed. i’m just wondering how easy is it to program for the instinct. seems to have j2me, of course, but what JSRs are available?

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