Sprint Unveils Relay ID Pack for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Users

Following quickly on the heels of the Green ID pack, Sprint announces another bundle of like-minded applications for niche users. Called the Relay ID pack,this collection of apps, widgets, and wallpapers is targeted at anyone who is deaf or has a hard time hearing on their handsets. Included in this particular bundle are ‘voice mail transcripts, visual and vibrating alerts and readable captions’, and more. This marks the first time any major carrier has developed a focused collection of apps meant for the deaf and hard of hearing community.

The Relay ID pack consists of the following apps:

  • Sprint Mobile Video Relay Services – video relay services for sign language users
  • Calendar Notifier – provides visual alerts and repeating reminders of calendar events
  • Handcent SMS – visual alerts and notifications of texts
  • VideoPlayer – captions on videos downloaded to a secure digital (SD) card
  • Gmail Notifier – visual and vibrating alerts and reminders for your gmail email
  • TuneWiki – to read and learn the lyrics to songs
  • Captionfish.com – captioned movies playing in a customer’s area
  • AIM Instant Messenger – access telephone relay services through AIM Buddy “SprintIP”
  • Google Voice – transcribe audio messages left on voice mail into text

“The Sprint Relay ID pack addresses current and future needs of an important – and growing – segment of the U.S. population. It also demonstrates that Sprint takes corporate responsibility for disabilities. Sprint has provided relay capabilities for more than 20 years, and we’re pleased to now make it even easier for people who have trouble hearing on the phone to use their mobile phones.” – Mike Ellis, director-Sprint Relay Service

The Relay ID and other Sprint ID pack are available on the a select group of Sprint devices: LG Optimus S, Sanyo Zio, Samsung Transform, Samsung Epic 4G and Samsung Galaxy Tab.