Sprint CEO: Android Has to Wait

Dan Hesse, the CEO of Sprint, one of the founding members of the OHA, was quoted saying that Android still needs a bit of a finesse before it carries its logo. This comes at a time when everyone out there is pulling on Sprint for not being able to maintain its brand with the existing hand set releases.

Spotted saying this at the National Press Club in Washington Hesse said he didn’t think Android was ”good enough to put the Sprint brand on it.” Sprint ought to take a hint from Motorola who also was until recently, getting lambasted for not being innovative in designing its handsets.

Moto is making a fresh start on the design front, trying to give a refreshing look to the handsets that might be carrying the Android moniker.  It’s time for Sprint to follow T-Mobile‘s lead as soon as possible.  We’ve played with Android long enough to know that it’s better than half the OS’s on their current product line.

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  1. Riiight. It has nothing to do with losing control of handset features. It is only about Android’s quality control. I think you can safely say that unless Android forces their hand, Sprint will not be adopting an open OS.

  2. Sprint is a founding member of the OHA. This is nothing but PR bullcrap to cover for the fact that they don’t have anything ready to launch. How would they look if they were out there saying that Android is awesome? They’d be advertising for T-Mobile.

    We all know full well that they are scrambling behind the scenes to get an Android handset ready, they just need to pretend like they don’t care in the mean time so they don’t look stupid launching the Touch Pro as their headline smartphone. They need people to be buying phones and signing contracts right now, so they need to do their best to make it look like the stuff they have on the shelf is the best of the best, even if they don’t really believe it.

  3. Adopting New technology takes courage and Vision. One at times has to cannibalize its own offerings to secure a future. All new technology adoption goes through initial pain of not everything being right and people understand it but it pays to be seen as a leader to bring new technology and products to people early.

    Sprint did not have the vision and did not pursue aggressively Android based offering though AT&T and iPhone offering was clearly an early experiment and gave enough results to see how market is reacting to new ipohne like devices. It does not take any vision to digest what is out there written on the wall, but Sprint failed and now they have nothing to say except what they are saying till they get to announce something based on Android.They can continue to wait for Android to evolve to a level they are comfortable but what they do not realize that they would have lost a lot of ground.

    US Carriers (atleast some of them) are still living in old times where US Carriers controlled Handset evolution and No Doubt, US is far behind in Handsets (Barring iPhone and Android initiative). The earth has moved. New Phones will evolve based on what the market needs and US Carriers will become just pipe providers with all Application developers out there innovating what really market needs. This is good in general for the US to gain control of the innovation in Mobile space. Mobile was generally a missed opportunity for most US Equipment vendors as they failed to see and react to how the world changed around them.

  4. Sprint doesn’t like the data-centric VOIP and IM open content stores (like Amazon Mp3 store) oen uncontrollable application market revolution.

    They as well as all other carriers will be forced to accept it eventually though.

  5. On the Gr8 android , I am at the mercy of “open market” to enjoy my wmv files and watch live stream TV ??
    I can see why he says “not yet” … good move :)

    since 2 yrs I could not find a replacement for my tmobile-dash :(

  6. Hi, my name is BJ DeHut, and I’m a representative for Sprint. We appreciate the discussions that Dan Hesse’s comments have caused, but we believe his words were taken out of context about Android. Here is a statement from James Fisher, a member of Sprint’s communications organization, who was in the room at the National Press Club for Dan Hesse’s speech:

    “I’m in Sprint’s communications organization, and I actually was in the room at the National Press Club for Dan Hesse’s speech. As with any single comment from a speech, it’s important to understand the context. Rather than criticize Google, Sprint is a partner with Google (it’s the default search provider on Sprint phones) and we are a very strong supporter of the Android community as a charter member of the Open Handset Alliance. We are interested in developing an Android-based handset, but we would want to make sure it fully leverages all of the advances of Sprint’s current handsets and the data strength of our wireless network. We have a unique approach to making data use easy, intuitive and simply priced. I think what Dan meant is that, only when we are certain we have fully leveraged all the advantages of Android with the advantages we’re known for, that’s when we’d introduce our Android handset. And as for speculation from anonymous folks about our plans, industry folks always trade gossip, but it’s not always true. ”

    Source: http://www.alleyinsider.com/2008/10/sprint-ceo-disses-google-s-android-phone-wishes-he-had-one-s-/page/1#comment-4905d5d314b9b932003811a4

    If you have any further questions about Dan Hesse’s comments about the Android phone, feel free to email me at [email protected]

  7. i agree with sprint…..they should wait for itto get a little better b4 jumping on board …….although they r slow on producing new phones in a timely fashion they should try putting out better offers for new AND existing customers

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