Sprint’s Timely ‘Instinct’ in Delaying the HTC Touch Pro

News and Rumors Sprint's Timely 'Instinct' in Delaying the HTC Touch Pro

Being a Sprint customer and a longtime Windows Mobile guy – I long for a handset from either Sprint or Verizon that is more hardware capable and less functionally├é flawed as the HTC G1 “Dream”.

I have eagerly awaited the upgrade from the newly invigorated Sprint on October 19th, to the HTC Touch Pro. Such a beautiful and functional device with it’s Five-row QWERTY keyboard, 4G, 3.2 megapixel auto-focus camera with xenon flash, WiFi, Integrated GPS and TV out, I figured that it would/will get me through until a similar device is offered for the Android platform. Alas, through a contact at Sprint – I have learned that the release of the HTC Pro is being delayed – with no future release date yet announced – until certain software issues have been solved.

My source at Sprint stated that in spite of the success of the Instinct and the resultant problems with timely and necessary ROM fixes to an initially flawed handset, Sprint is determined not to make the same mistake with the HTC Touch Pro – which will become their top-of-the-line WinMo business and enterprise handset.

Those of us who are patiently waiting for a similar business offering in the Android OS/Hardware environment – who also happen to be parked at Sprint are both happy and sad to hear of the delay. Happy that Sprint is determined to do something else right (like their new “Everything” data plans, Ready Now program, and improved *cough* Customer Service) and sad at the delay in receiving the new device.

Waiting for the right handset can be a b*#ch ya know?

Jay Bradley Rephan

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