Unlike most dating apps that merely match strangers, Spritzr matchmaking app is all about finding that special somebody through your social circle. Spritzr allows your online friends to be the matchmaker, creating an enjoyable, easy, and addictive method of meeting somebody.

If you’re single, you get to meet quality folks recommended to you by your friends. If you’re in a relationship, you can connect single friends to each other effortlessly. Earn karma points to find your ideal match! Spritzr was created to be used by adults of any age, so you’re bound to meet a wide variety of friends and dating applicants along the way.


Spritzr is completely free and simple to download. You can get it by simply logging in to the Google Play Store. The innovative app will walk you through how to set up the perfect profile, drawing from your pictures and interests via Facebook.

After you set up your profile, Spritzr will effortlessly guide you through a plethora of questions designed to help you find your perfect match, including your beliefs, politics, hobbies, and education.

After, you will be prompted to choose three married or attached pals with good taste. Then you’ll be asked to choose three single friends. And voila – you’re on your way to playing matchmaker, or finding your dream date! In fact, when you download and install Spritzr, you can register as just a matchmaker, so even if you’re not looking for love, you’re safe to get the app and match your single friends.


Finer Details

Once you’re all set up in the app and connected to Facebook, you can either play around with matchmaking between two of your other Facebook friends, or play matchmaker for just about anyone else. In this section, you will find folks who have registered on the app as a dater.

If you choose to be a matchmaker for anyone, you will be shown a plethora of images of people who have registered as a dater, along with potential matches, also from users who have logged in as daters. This helps people who are looking for love not rely so much on their friends for dates. Instead, now they can get help from other seasoned matchmakers if they are brave enough to put their dating life in the hands of strangers.

Each dater’s profiles comes with some info about them, including their height, education and work status, if they have kids or want them, and three words or phrases that sum up their interests. If you come across a person who you think is a good match for a dater, you simply drag their image on top of the dater’s profile.

com- (2)It works in the same fashion if you are interested in matching two of your Facebook friends together. Once you make the match, Spritzr sends both people notifications.
Another feature of Spritzr allows daters to let the matchmakers know how they are doing. With this feedback, matchmakers have the opportunity to keep the level of their matchmaking skills high.

Despite all of the positivity, the app does have its drawbacks. First off, there is no way to search through your Facebook circle to find Friend A. You can seamlessly search for Friend B with whom you want to match Friend A with, but you cannot search through your friends list for Friend A to get the ball rolling. You have to scroll endlessly. This is annoying, considering that Spritzr clearly has the know-how to perform a simple search for Friend B.

Secondly, Spritzr shows all of your friends, not just the single ones. I’m not sure why it’s set up this way, considering that Facebook gives you the option to set up your marital status right on the front of your profile.

Spritzr is definitely an innovative dating app that allows both singles and attached people to play. Its simple interface is easy to use, and the fact that you can seamlessly link up your Facebook info to the app is great. People will definitely have fun seeing who their friends decide to hook them up with. Additionally, attached users will also have a blast playing matchmaker and seeing if their matches were truly a love connection.

You can download both the iTunes version here and the Android version here as well.

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